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Exclusion or Early Expiry of the Cancellation Right

The cancellation right does not exist for contracts


— for the delivery of goods that are not pre-made and for whose production an individual choice or designation is essential, or that are clearly intended for the personal requirements of the consumer;

— for the delivery of goods that can quickly expire or whose date of expiration would quickly pass;

— for the delivery of alcoholic drinks whose price was agreed upon during the conclusion of the contract, but which can be delivered thirty days after the contract has been concluded at the earliest, and whose current value depends on market fluctuations, which the vendor has no influence on;

— for the delivery of magazines, newspapers or illustrated print media with the exception of subscription contracts.

The right of cancellation expires early in case of contracts

— for the delivery of sealed goods that are not suitable to be returned for reasons of health or hygiene in case the seal was broken after delivery;

— for the delivery of goods that were inseparably mixed with other goods after delivery due to their properties;

— for the delivery of audio and video recordings as well as computer software in a sealed package in case the seal was broken after delivery.


Return deliveries

The modalities in this section are partly, but not entirely required in order to effectively exercise the above-described cancellation right. But they all do greatly facilitate the return delivery process in case the contract is cancelled by the customer. We therefore kindly ask you, as a customer, to observe the following in these cases:

Customers are asked to inform the vendor about the return delivery prior to sending back the merchandise in order to announce the delivery. This enables the vendor the quickest possible way of assigning the products.

Customers are asked to send the merchandise as a franked parcel back to the vendor, and retain the postage receipt.

Customers are asked to avoid damage to the merchandise. As far as possible, the merchandise should be sent back to the vendor in its original packaging with all its accessories in a clean state. If the original packaging is no longer in the possession of the customer, another adequate packaging is to be used in order to avoid damages and liability claims resulting from inadequate packaging.