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The Bowl

The glass bowl is the centerpiece of our shisha. Produced by the Freiherr von Poschinger glass manufacturing company in Frauenau, Bavaria, renowned for the most high-quality crystal glass since 1568, it’s a unique piece of German glass-blower craftsmanship. The bowl is a crystal glass of pure, perfect quality, made of the choicest of materials. The bowl’s practical wide opening toward the tobacco head enables you to easily clean the bowl or fill it with ice cubes or fruit. By varying the water level, you can adjust the amount of resistance on the smoke that passes through, i.e. the smoke draught.
This bowl perfectly fits our concept of making one of the classiest shishas in the world.




The Frame

The pipe’s frame consists of three main components: the mounting ring, the arc and the base plate. The mounting ring is CNC-carved and also serves as a mount for our LED module. The arc is made of ten-millimetre-thick hardened steel and is brought into shape using hydraulic bending machinery. The base plate is laser-cut.

Each of our frames is hand-crafted and assembled in several successive work steps by means of WIG welding. The frame by itself weighs 14 kilograms (approx. 31 pounds).



The Tube

The tube is made out of high-quality, food-safe silicon and covered with the choicest cow’s leather hand-sewn by a saddler. The silicon is very durable and retains no smell. This means you can smoke different kinds of flavoured tobacco without any trace of the previous taste. The tube diameter and all of the waterpipe’s openings are optimised to ensure a perfect smoke draught for uncompromising smoking delight.

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is made of high quality stainless-steel, covered with real Leather and our Universe Shisha Embossing.
It delivers the high quality standards of our hookah directly to the senses of your Hands.






LED technology
Each of our models can be illuminated by means of an LED module. The corresponding battery mount is magnetically attached to the underside of the arc. Due to a stainless steel pin mount, the battery mount can be removed from the light unit if so desired. This kind of lighting places the shisha in a most favourable light, adding to its visual statement, while the indirect light adds to a pleasant atmosphere.



The Head

The tobacco head is made out of borosilicate glass, which is highly temperature resistant. The head is transparent and thus lets you control the degree of tobacco burn. The immersion tube is fastly secured to the head, forming a unit. Little slits at the end of the immersion tube (also called diffusors) improve smoke draught and noticeably reduce the amount of noise, adding to the relaxing experience.



Silicon gasket

For each of our waterpipes, we use handmade gaskets made of food-safe 2K silicon. A vacuum-based cast process ensures a minimum of enclosed air bubbles for a maximum of quality.




We deliver a second immersion tube as an adapter, so every Tobacco head can be used.



Transportation cases

An aluminium case with water-jet-cut inlays enables hassle-free transportation of all the shisha’s glass components.
For the frame and the leather tube we supply two hand-sewn satin bags to protect leather and lacquer.